Monday, 9 November 2015


Want to work in Google? The company recently revealed to the New York Times, what are the characteristics they appreciate most at the new candidates for their teams.

If you thought that a university degree or IQ is a key to work in Google, the answer of Laszlo Bock, one of the main guys for employment at Google, will certainly surprise you.

“There are 5 key qualities that we ask from the new employees. If it’s technical work, then we evaluate the ability for programming, and almost half of the jobs are technical. For every open place, the key is cognitive ability, and it is not intelligence.” - said Laszlo.

The second quality that candidates should posses is the leadership. Not traditional one, but rather the one that derives.

"What interests us is whether when you face with a problem, as part of a team will opt forward in the necessary time and lead. What’s more important is if you step back and allow some friend to be a leader. The key to be a leader in this environment is the desire to deviate a power."

It’s interesting that Google is not looking for expertise when searching for new candidates. Instead, candidates with cognitive ability who are curious and eager for new knowledge and leadership skills are far better candidates

"Most non-experts will come to the same answer with experts usually it’s not too difficult. Sometimes they won’t succeed, but sometimes they will come with answer, which is new, and that has a big value."


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