Sunday, 27 October 2013

Instead of constantly complaining, accept advice from Jim Rohn: "Things will get better when you're better." Given the situation on the labor market and situation in the country, the best thing you can do is to be thorough and aggressive when it comes to finding a job or at least a job interview. Here are some ideas that could help you to get a job:

1. Apply to places to which you really have the qualifications

Do not apply the place where such a profession is not required. If you apply, make sure you find a recommendation or reference that might help.

2. Implement a plan for job

Plan requires great collated summary, and understanding how people find candidates. The plan also includes perfect form of application without any mistake, and perfectly written cover letter.

3. Focus on the work, not the money

Sometimes, it is good to be paid less than be paid more. Promotion or increase in salary will only happen if you show a great job.

4. Present your own weaknesses and strengths through short stories

Nobody believes in generalized statements. You need to stand out from the group and show specific examples of your strengths and how you have used in real situations.Also, it is good to show that your weaknesses have been observed and that you turn them into strengths, and thus are more grown up and matured.

5. Share and win by asking the universal question

If you fail to get to the interview, ask your potential employer to focus on work, on some major challenges and how performance will be measured on an employee.

6. Practice the universal answer to any question

You need to have the ability to prove that you have experience in any specific instance. Create your reply using the following scheme: Say a few words - Statement - Expanding statement - a few examples - ending.

7. Ask for what you are interested in before the end of the interview

To decide where you are and where you stand, ask the manager or prospective employer about something that interests you about the job. If they are specific and encircle your question, it is a sign that they won’t call. You can ask about how to use the skills and abilities of the position for which you are applying.
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