Friday, 22 November 2013

We all agree that the job interview is crucial to whether you will be admitted to the job for which you applied. Here in an awkward situation are those who have major problems with stage fright and did not know how to overcome this problem.
Besides professionally written resume, good qualifications, previous experience, you know you need to do the job interview. It is possible for employers to choose someone who is less qualified, but someone who does not look so clumsy.

What to do to avoid stage fright?

First, forget the friendly advice on something to drink for relaxation. If you go drunk on job interview, certainly will not get the job. They won’t take you seriously as a truly professional. Be sure that employers will not think on that way you want to remove stage fright.
Try to concentrate and natural to relax! Before a job interview, try to sleep well. Before the interview, be sure to eat, but not too much to avoid something unexpected happen. Try to believe in yourself and your abilities. Think of how many years you have invested in your education and acquire the knowledge and skills they possess.
Do your best to get rid of the feeling of fear and dissatisfaction with yourselves and leave a good impression to your potential employers. However, what if you still have stage fright? In this case, it is best to openly say that you have a problem with stage fright and to ask service job interview to have an understanding of your condition. Even you can say that you are really capable and valuable employee, but stage fright currently prevents it to prove and to introduce yourself in the best possible light.
So for those who are serious professionals and serious do their job, believe me, they will understand. And they are people and, of course, already met people with similar behavior as yours and a similar problem like yours.


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