Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lately I noticed that readers of our blog search for an answer to a difficult question:

Should I put my own picture in my CV?

I'm sure most of you have come to answer this question of one or another resource, always different which further lead to a dilemma rather than give you a definitive answer.
Allow me now to permanently resolve this dilemma:
1. Overall, the picture is no longer a required element in a CV. Companies that prefer CV with photograph clearly indicate that in the job posting. If this information is missing, consider that it is done for a reason. Do not put in a CV more than necessary because in this case you know - Each centimeter is important.
2. Unless you can show off with great photogeneity (such as myself) will require proactive and unnecessary inclusion of photography without it explicitly desired. You don’t need to have to eliminate the chances of selection for another candidate who can possibly afford weekly treatments for face and beauty. Do not let the recruiter to be diverted from your own qualities listed just a few centimeters below picture just because it may not be in its taste.
 That's it friends. Turn dilemma in position on the issue. Otherwise the different variants of answers to this question will ever find its way to you unnecessarily occupying your mind.
 Have a nice day!


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