Monday, 2 September 2013

Famous people and the road to success
To have a job that you will love and will be satisfied both mentally and materially, is a result of hard work, and perseverance. Famous people best know the road to success.
 Every day in the media we read and see people who are endlessly rich, successful and have a career, have a great influence in society, politics, economy, but we wonder how they reached that glory?
Some of them had a hard life and the path that it took to reach their current positions was bumpy, but still worthy of admiration. A lot of individuals who have succeeded can serve as motivation in the moments when we lack the desire to continue on the path of success. It is very important to know that everyone who succeeds used his first job as springboard for further success. Jobs were often found by themselves but their quality has made them what are today. You're searching for a job after college, but do more than that. You have to dream to become like people described bellow.
Oprah Winfrey is one of the most powerful and influential women in the world that managed to fight for herself with an incredible desire to succeed. She comes from a very poor family; parents-teens get divorced, and in the early years was sexually abused.
Oprah was grown by her grandma that learned to read at the age of three, and in the church, the audience loved to hear how she quote the Bible. On the age of 16, she’s going to the radio station to take her prize-clock and accidentally gets a job.
The producer of the radio station firstly heard her speak and Oprah got a chance and place as a radio journalist. Now, she's a woman, who has the biggest impact in the business world, managed to make her show which has an audience of millions, has its own magazine and many other businesses.
Warren Buffett never planned to enroll in college, because after high school had solid earnings from transportation of newspapers. Buffett's father was constantly pushing to enroll at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Finally Buffet enrolls this school. He was unhappy with the studies in Wharton and leaves to join the University of Nebraska where he graduated in three years after working full-time.
 At that time he met his professor Ben Graham his future mentor. Learning from him, Warren offered to volunteer with Graham, but was refused, so he joined his father and unsuccessfully invested in shares in "Texaco".
After some time he was employed as a teacher at night school, and even after years, he got an offer from Ben Graham to work for him. This was the beginning of Buffett, and the beginning in the world of the rich and famous.
Donald Trump came from a family that had rather well developed business and had the opportunity to learn the secrets of the business from his father, who worked in real estate and who was his mentor. He was employed with his father and began to thoroughly learn the real estate business. His first task was to collect rent from tenants that their father has published the area they lived in, and they started to work. He worked 5 years for his father and progressed so slowly but surely.
Over time he began to sign contracts that were more than successful, independent and start his own business which today runs successfully and is one of the most influential people in the world.
One of the richest men in history, John D. Rockefeller, got his first job after 6 weeks of continuous demand to talk with managers of big companies. In most cases he has not succeeded and did not received conversation opportunity, but that never prevented him to continue. During those six weeks, six days a week from morning to evening, he visited companies hoping to talk to the directors. While visiting all the companies that had in the list, starting from scratch, and also in some of the companies has been more times. Eventually he gets a job as an assistant accountant in "Hewitt and Tuttle" company. Rockefeller one said: "I worked every day, demanding job" - which today can serve as an example to many young people who are looking for work after college.

Nowadays there are many such examples, and many actors and singers started their careers in very strange places. For example, Rod Stewart first got the job as grave excavator. Sylvester Stallone was cleaning the cages of lions, Jerry Seinfeld sold light bulbs and Stephen King worked as a janitor at a school (women's locker room he was inspired to write the story of "Carrie.")
Common to all was the desire for something more and that made them successful. Each of us, if wish can go the same way and with a little luck you can reach the desired goal.


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